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Pressure Instrumentation

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Differential Pressure Transmitters
Capacitance Type Transmitter
● High accuracy
● No mechanical and movable parts, little repair work
● Span and zero continuous and adjustable from outside
● Good stability
● Positive shift amount to 500%; negative shift 600%
● Two-wire system 4~20mA DC
● Damping adjustable, overpressure protection
● Solid components, patch-type printed circuit board
● Explosion-proof structure
● Unified structure, strong interchangeability of parts
● Miniaturization total height 166mm)
● Diaphragm materials of contacting mediums option (316L, TAN, HAS-C, MONEL, etc.)
● Smart HART protocol
 SMART Absolute Pressure Transmitter
SMART Absolute Pressure Transmitter , for accurate absolute differential pressure measurement. Service medium: liquid, gas and vapour Overpressure limit: 0~14MPa (absolute pressure), Flange can withstand 60MPa pressure.
Smart Standard Differential Pressure Transmitter
Using differential capacitance as detecting principle to constitute capacitance type differential pressure transmitter, inputting pressure is 0~1.2kPa to 0~10MPa, etc.
Service medium: liquid, gas and vapour. Overpressure limit: impose 0 (absolute pressure) ~6MPa pressure on either side of the transmitter. The transmitter is not damaged. The transmitter’s operation static pressure is detailed in the models and specifications sheet.
Smart Low Differential Pressure Transmitter 
Using differential capacitance as detecting principle to constitute low differential pressure capacitance type transmitter, inputting 0-0.06~1.5kPa pressure, outputting 4-20 mA DC analogue signal.
Service medium: liquid, gas and vapour. Overpressure limit: impose 0~6MPa (absolute pressure) pressure on either side of transmitter. Transmitter is not damaged. Flange can withstand 60Mpa of pressure.
Smart High Static Differential Pressure Transmitter 
Smart High Static Differential Pressure Transmitter can measure differential pressure under operation pressure of 32MPa. 32MPa proof operation pressure and overloading protection ensure the transmitter to get reliable application in hi-static pressure system.
DP Smart Diaphragm Seal Differential Pressure/Pressure Transmitter
DP Smart Diaphragm Seal Differential Pressure/Pressure Transmitter provides a reliable way of measuring medium and preventing damage to the transmitter by incorporating a diaphragms seal.
Transmitters with remote device are suitable for the following operation conditions:
• Mediums with high temperature should be isolated from the transmitter.
• Measured mediums that cause corrosion to sensitive parts of transmitters.
• Suspending liquid or mediums with high viscosity
• Measured mediums that solidify or crystalize due to change of environment or process temperature
Inline Pressure Transmitters
Diffusive Silicon Pressure Transmitters 
Diffusive Silicon Series pressure transmitters use imported diffusive silicon type and ceramics with high quality as the sensitive measuring components, and employ application-specific integrated modules. Temperature shift compensation, zero and non-linearity compensation ensure accurate measurement and transmission of medium pressure change for liquid, gas and vapour.
• Hi-quality sensor and exclusive V/I integrated circuit, small peripheral device, high reliability, simple and easy maintenance.
• Small size, light weight, convenient installation and debugging
• Overall and sound design,
• Models available: ordinary type corrosion-proof, intrinsically safe, explosion-proof and isolation explosion-proof .
• Aluminium die casting outer shell, tri-terminal isolation, hi-temperature baking lacquer protective cover, tough and durable.
• 4~20mA DC two-wire system, strong interference-resistant ability, long transmitting distance
• LED, LCD, pointer, the three kinds of indicating gauge heads offer convenient local reading
• Can be applied to measure viscous , crystallized and corrosive mediums
• Fit for mounting in small space
• Direct process mounting
• High comprehensive accuracy
SMART Pressure Transmitter
SMART pressure transmitter has high overpressure strength and good stability. This unit feature the same technology as the above but with the following features added.
• Input span: 0~0.25kPa, 0~10Mpa, 0~40Mpa.
• Service medium: Liquid, Gas and Steam.
• Flange can withstand 60 Mpa pressure.