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Stein-More provides professional Instrumentation  for all Industries. 
"We provide cost effective solutions. From design, through to final commissioning and maintenance."

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

An Electromagnetic flow meter is an induction instrument based upon Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic flow meters are widely used in the chemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, paper & pulp and water industries. Besides measuring flow of general conductive liquids electromagnetic flow meters can measure the flow of liquids with solids and high-viscosity fluids. The liquids can be salty, acid or alkali.

Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter

Using differential capacitance as detecting principle to constitute capacitance type differential pressure transmitter, inputting pressure is 0~1.2kPa to 0~10MPa, etc.

Service medium: liquid, gas and vapour. Overpressure limit: impose 0 (absolute pressure) ~6MPa pressure on either side of the transmitter. The transmitter is not damaged. The transmitter’s operation static pressure is detailed in the models and specifications sheet.